Become A Driver

Your opportunity to earn extra money

How can I become a driver?

Just download the app, complete your details and submit. Our Ezygo team will contact you for an appointment and vehicle inspection. Remember to bring all your taxi documents. Approval of your registration will be at the sole discretion of Ezygo.

Why should I join Ezygo?

Taxi drivers have faced tough times since overseas players have created an unlevel playing field and taken a lot of work from the taxi industry. This is a great opportunity for taxi drivers to join forces, unite under Ezygo and compete together for a better future.

How much does it cost to join Ezygo?

There are no joining costs and it’s free to Register. Our commission rate is much lower than other competitors, which means more money in your pocket.

How much can I earn?

It’s hard to compete in an unlevel playing field. But Ezygo provides a good solution to help reduce dead mileage and down time, giving you an opportunity to top up your daily taxi income.

What driving qualifications do I need?

You must have a Passenger Service Licence, Driver Licence, Passenger Endorsement (current ID) and Area Knowledge Certificate(s).

What type of vehicle do I need?

You must own a taxi, preferably not more than 12 years old. Depending on the age of your taxi, you will be able to participate in receiving bookings from our Standard, Premium and Van options.

Do I need to take my taxi signage off?

Ezygo has been developed to operate legally within the current regulations. So you must drive with full taxi signage and turn the taxi meter on when picking up taxi app bookings.

Do I need to have experience?

We select experienced drivers with a proven track record in providing high customer service standards. But we may consider new drivers who can demonstrate they have the right skills.

What are ratings about?

Ratings are very important and we expect all drivers to perform at their best. Your personal efforts in providing great customer service will help generate repeat bookings and customer loyalty. This means more bookings and more $$$ in your pocket ie enjoy the rewards of your efforts.

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Ezygo welcomes taxis drivers with a proven track record in delivering great customer service.

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